Carving out the Man Cave

‘Do you feel hurt, ignored or rejected when your husband spends time in his man cave? If so, it’s time you knew the truth!’.

That was a quote from an article on this site.  And the truth I did find out. Numreous articles have painted the man cave in negative light. In my opinion a man cave is to a man what the spa is to women, or the hair salon, or a bubble bath. Peace and quiet coupled with a glass, perhaps a bottle of wine. It is downtime. Where you go to rejuvenate. Instead of fighting its existence you should embrace it. When he goes to his man cave you also have some alone time. Now that we have that out of the way let’s talk about how we can make the man cave all smoove, dapper and masculine.


A man cave tastefully done combining comfort and a love for cars

A man cave in most cases will be the garage, basement, an attic or an extra room. The location doesn’t really matter. It is better if the room is far from the kitchen and common areas. The primal importance of a man cave is space. Away from everyone. If the extra room is also for storage, then partitioning it will give him a little space that he can call his own.

Interior Design

Ladies control most spaces in any household. We have a no access rule when in the kitchen. Everyone is prohibited from your bedroom. God forbid if anyone moves the family portrait an inch away from its position. Or set the knives with the little spoon as opposed to the big spoon. Let us not get started on leaving the toilet seat up. It is only fair to let him have his little world. When deciding on the interior design, let the man do it his way. Tramp the temptation of picking the curtains, if he actually wants any. The walls should be lime green with a touch of burgundy? Let him decide. His personality should come alive.


There are no rules to what a man cave should look like. It is a cave for Pete’s sake. There is a reason why cartoons of man in the Neolithic age had the man looking rugged, shirtless walking in perfect sunlight. Since your man cannot (I am assuming) walk around looking like John the Baptist (or Fred Flintstone), he can go nuts in his cave. Here are some tips of how to articulate his persona in the space:

  • Let him have all the action figures if Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) is his best friend in another life. Marvel posters would lighten up the space.
  • If he loves books, propose an antique book case to go with his collection of books and encyclopedias. A study stable would come in handy.
  • He loves his beer? Surprise him with high stools made with car tires. You could have a booth made out of an old car where he can seat and catch the game on the high definition TV. Even better have a home bar that he and his friends can hang out. At least you do not have to endure wild heckling as they watch Arsenal lose again.
Man cave bar with seats made from Kegs, now that is awesome 🙂
  • A whiskey apostle will need enough space to stock up his bottles. It could easily double up a cigar lounge. He can have his crew over and they can discuss politics, sports and women.
  • Does he love travelling? A couple travel magazines are ideal. A display to have all his collections over the years will allow him to have his own wall of fame.
  • I talked to one of the ladies at the office and she told me that the ideal man cave for her husband would be a prayer room. All you need for that is a really comfortable floor rug, religious literature and a good sound system where he can play his music.
An artsy man cave with animal skin floor rugs
  • An artist would love to hang some instruments. Have a home recording studio. The room could also be his writing room. A painter could have his canvas in there. In the event he decides to start a neighbourhood band. Let him have the garage.

A man cave is not all bad. It works for everybody and gives the man time off to reset the system. It is a space where he can dove deeply into his nothing box. In return you can be more than sure he will gladly give you his credit card to go shopping with the girls.


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