Fluid beauty, using water features to ignite your space

We have talked about how we can add excitement to our spaces in previous posts. We explored how to use antiques (read about it here), lighting (read about this here) and learned that sometimes it is the scent in your space that makes the difference (catch that post here, it is the last reference I promise). How about adding a little splash to your home? Yes. Using water to make your space awesome. Be it with fountains or aquariums, you are spoilt for choice.


These are the best options if you are going for a simple and exquisite look. These tiny tanks of water filled with marine creatures and plants, go a long way to add life to your home. You can decide to either leave your aquarium transparent on all sides, two sides or even just one side. You can also use lighting to create the mood you want. Aquariums are also a cool way for your kids to learn more about ecosystems.

Basic acqurium 1
Aquarium with the complete ecosystem


Here are tips to guide your choice for aquarium

  • Type of fish you would like (you must remember to feed them alright?)
  • Cost of purchasing the tank and setting it up
  • Lighting, sizing and filtration equipment
  • Live Plants

For a more dramatic effect, add sculptures, rocks and castles inside the aquarium.

Walll fitted Acquriums
Aquarium with rocks than can be substituted with sculptures

Fountains and springs

fountain 2
springs to use outdoors

Fountains provide drinking water in town squares, parks, also add spark to buildings and homes. They make a space enchanting, aurally relaxing and magical. The secret when picking a design for a fountain is using it to articulate a space – let it be the only piece of art in the said space. Apply your sense of balance to place it within a room and space. For indoor spaces and table top fountains (desktop fountains), it will be prudent to get those equipped with electric pumps so as to ease re-circulation of water through the fountain. Remember to pick the most durable material which can endure harsh exterior conditions and are low maintenance such as resin, slate or ceramic for an outdoor fountain. You could have water flowing out into bowls or pans or have water seeming to flow from a wall.

A little splash for a dramatic effect

Picture Springs

There is nothing like that in the dictionary.  I just made it up – with good reason.  Some of us cannot pet anything to save our lives. If are you scared at the thought of having to feed a fish, stroke a lizard or watch a hamster on a wheel. There is a way to have water features in your house. Purchase a wall painting of a waterfall. Genius right? You are welcome. You could substitute this with a photograph of some of a waterfall you loved at your last vacation.

Source:  Ashley Tripple on Pinterest

It is not peculiar for you to wonder why all this is necessary. Besides complimenting your décor water features have more benefits namely:

It is therapeutic – Imagine that. Still or flowing water gives you peace because of its stillness and sound. To get the full effect, use shades of blue to light it up and we are at the beach every day.

Spruce your entrance – You can use a water feature in the place of a sculpture or flower pots at the entrance of your home or office as it adds grandeur to your space. Get it before your next dinner party or end of year party. You will make a lasting impression to your colleagues and/or boss.

Keeps the bugs away – If for no other reason, have them to stay bug free. The sounds of running water scares the bugs away.

Separate spaces – The obvious solution to sequester spaces is to use a wall, floor rugs or art pieces. Now you can use water walls plus it gives your room an edge.

wall water
simple and elegant


Go on, get your fluid on.





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