With the rise of housing prices and the human population  growing exponentially, it is imperative that we become more and more concerned about leaving our environmental footprints. Therefore the challenge is to think of more Eco-friendly solutions particularly in our everyday life but also, and more often, in the process of building our homes.

 1. Earth Houses

   Earth houses built with the use of the earth beneath our feet are a perfect example of sustainable construction. And some of the longest lasting buildings still standing are built using dirt. These building techniques include cob, which refers to a material that is a mixture of straw and earth. While the first two are made with a particular mix of clay, earthbags are a more modern twist on using earth as a building material.aa.jpg

2. Wood Houses

   Wood is certainly one of the most versatile and common building materials. However, we have to remember that although wood can be called a sustainable material, the over-harvesting and deforestation can exceed the ability of the forests to regenerate themselves. Therefore, when we want to invest in a wood house, we should think of materials such as log or timber, that can be made with certified sustainably harvested trees.recycled-wood-house-Nov-2013

4. Bamboo Houses

    Bamboo houses are an even more eco-friendly alternative to building with timber. Bamboo is a very strong material to build with and well-constructed bamboo homes are said to withstand environmental calamities and natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and the like.villa-mobile

Hemp Concrete homes

   Due to the fact that traditional concrete is very energy intensive to create, hemp concrete was developed in order to work as an alternative. Hemp concrete is a mixture of hemp, water, and limestone that is, surprisingly, more durable than regular concrete. Walls made with this material are said to be resistant to fire, mold and insects.NorthcoteResidence13.jpg

Shipping-crate Homes

  This kind of construction is gaining popularity, as shipping-crate homes has become a trendy way of living. Not only that – shipping-crate homes are cheaper than conventional homes and the finished structure has a unique and very modern, industrial lookvenice-beach-shipping-container-house-ipme-2


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