The perfect back and front yard doesn’t have to have a monotonous look and feel as commonly observed. There are infinite beautiful plants to use both perennial and annual that include bulbs and roses, trees, shrubs and ground covers that can be used year round.

   Aside from all these varieties one needs space – but this isn’t for only those with medium to large properties because there are tricks to spruce up your small space and in so doing practice some gardening.

1. Reinvent your patio

Turn a tiny patio into a gorgeous outdoor room by adding a freestanding pergola. What is a pergola you ask? A pergola is a garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars. The pergola creates a sense of enclosure and makes the patio seem a lot larger than it actually is.55c6424ff0e308a8d3561f44dae3d3ad.jpg

2.Gravel your path

Crushed brick or gravel is a beautiful and low-maintenance paving option for small gardens. It’s also easier to use and less expensive than brick or flagstone. Just be sure to spread a layer of polythene underneath the gravel to keep weeds from popping through.8635f5d640c1f589aae86b786583d295

3. Capitalize on trees

If you have large trees with bare spots underneath them, why not put the barren ground to use by creating a flower bed as a border? In addition, use this space to create an outdoor living space to maximize on the shade provided.f3955c4b860ba751b8d500381785ebcc.jpg

4. Create a water feature

You don’t need a huge backyard to have a water garden. In fact, installing a pond is a great way to handle low or wet spots in your garden. Simply dig out the area, add a pond liner, pump in water and you are done. This tiny oasis is bound to attract a wide range of colorful butterflies and birds.349b821532a0d1361e92baa05345dadc

5. Maximize on spaces

Get twice the flowers and vegetables in your small garden by adding a low fence behind every planting bed. That way, you can grow vine crops vertically so they don’t sprawl over.


6. Welcome the wild

Even a small garden can become a haven for birds and butterflies when you choose flowers they prefer. A bird feeder or birdhouse add to the garden’s wildlife-friendly features. Moreover, a small water structure would attract is sure to attract birds as their source of water.aaf7cf24ea9d09f89495e90579745126

 7. A gate

Give small gardens a big boost of style by adding an oversize gate at one end to act as a focal point. It will draw the eye in and make the space seem larger. Plus, it supports a crown of climbing roses, a Chilean Potato Tree-Vine or a Pruning Wisteria amongst others.382e05fd1938ab8cae380b6d9d0e77c7

8. Invest in pots

Enjoy your own corner of paradise by packing your small garden with pots and planters overflowing with vibrant colored flowers and fragrant herbs.135b0338690979ad6afbdd10764fb128


   See? A small garden space doesn’t mean you cannot have the garden you want. Now you can hold your Sunday brunches or afternoon teas at your spruced up garden with the birds chirping in the background. Isn’t that refreshing?


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