For most interior decor enthusiasts, adding antique and vintage elements are always something special. Not everyone is a fan of this approach to interior design but more and more people are becoming converts as this makes it a delightful decorating trend.

The trick to adopt these styles is by adding key individual pieces which create a blend and connection between the past and present.

1: Be a collector

Marrying both the avant-garde  and the antique can be a bit daunting however, to make it effortless, it is better to make it look as if you have been collecting different pieces over the years rather than setting up a room to portray a definite time in history. Using antique and vintage furniture with different designs is just the thing to do. Experimenting with position and placement within your home or office of said furniture will create individuality that will make the space quaint and authentic. An antique bicycle wheel, an old rustic clock or a distressed mirror for instance, can be just the thing that your wall needs to break the monotony of a featureless or otherwise mundane surface.c30f9289be16c281bf07d8d67c6e7baa

2: Use a common color or pattern

Working with different pieces of furniture and giving them a cohesive look is not as difficult as it seems as there are several ways to pull it off.  One way to make the design work is to choose a common color scheme for the items that you will be using. This can also be done by repetition such as in the fabric’s pattern or using an accent color or a palette that can draw one’s sight to several items which are inside that room.3a16a0b8c7bc843ab27d0b8a42868d5f

3: Mix  it up

You can actually make a huge change in the way your home looks by shuffling furniture around. You can use some antique pieces that used to be in the bedroom in the living room or even in the dining hall to give your place a whole new appearance. For instance using full frame mirrors from the bedroom to the hallway or the living room or using the Ottoman at the bed foot-rest to the living room side by side a glass coffee table.3d7f5a120dfd0d70b4691f5af0285552

4:  The use of oversized antique pieces

One of the most fascinating things that you should know is that an oversized piece of furniture can create an illusion that a room is bigger than it actually is. Huge antique tables that are perfect for the dining room or large porcelain vases, or large candle holders for example can look great even with the surrounding modern furniture. This fact can be really useful and you can use this to your advantage when you are trying to redecorate.3baa47f4aa97a376ce50a8af4db7bdb0

In conclusion there are many ways you can create these gorgeous blends. Importantly, have an overall vision for what you want to create and use your imagination.


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